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“I kept doubting myself, saying ‘I couldn’t do it’, but my teacher kept me focused. She kept pushing me… And I did it.” 

Sharrcrea B.

“In the beginning, it felt very hard to attain. But walking into AMTC and seeing a teacher like Maryann and a class full of people who were just pushing you and motivating you all the time, made the hurdle much easier to get over. It feels amazing now to be at the end, on the other side.”

Erika G.

“It changed my whole life. Because it got me a good job and career working at Cooper Hospital.”

Aeisha B.

“To be able to have a career in healthcare, something that I’ve always wanted. I always wanted to bring a stable income into my family, no longer doing retail jobs and such…this CMA certification is actually something big for me. It means a lot, it means a brighter future for me.”

Amanda R.

“So the program has helped because during COVID times, when I was employed by a hospital, I didn’t have the actual certification. I left the hospital to get certified, and it helped me because it allowed me to be certified and establish my skill set and knowledge within the field. If I’m ever required to go back to school, I have something to help me adapt.”

Luis A.

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